Performance Management Poll
Welcome to the yearly performance management poll by TruQu. By asking some short questions we'd like to find out how the market of performance management is expected to change in 2018. Filling in the form takes less than 4 minutes and your data will be processed anonymously. The outcomes of the poll will be shared amongst the participants.
Has the Performance Management process been changed within your organization in the past 2 years?

What has been changed regarding the Performance Management process?

Do you think the performance management process of your organizations needs to be changed in 2018?

What needs to be changed according to you?

How many times do you think an employee should receive feedback on average?

Feedback usually comes from:

Do you think that employee development should be seperated from performance reviews?

Do you agree that feedback should be used for personal development, but that it shouldn't be used for performance reviews?

What is your age?

Are you male or female?

What is your function?

Thank you for filling in the survey!
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